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Auto Accident & Personal Injury

Whether you have experienced a minor fender bender or a high-speed crash, your body has experienced significant trauma. The physics involved affect your entire body, including the force of the seatbelt compressing your chest during a sudden stop.

The Impact on the Body

woman makes phone call after wreckWhen it comes to the brain and neck, coup-contrecoup injuries can occur. Initially, your head moves forward, causing the brain to hit the back of the skull. Then, as your heads forward motion stops the brain collides with the front of the skull, whiplash and concussions can happen because of this back-and-forth motion.

Various rotational components may also come into play, depending on the direction of the impact and the person’s head position. The resulting forces can cause significant damage to the body’s tissues and joints, regardless of the accident’s severity.

Even minor accidents can have substantial musculoskeletal and neurological effects that need evaluation. Otherwise, a person may have more significant issues later on if the body loses its ability to adapt.

The Importance of Seeking Care Right Away

The primary reason for seeking care after an accident is pain relief. However, it’s also essential to prevent future problems that can arise from adaptations in movement and function due to the sustained injury. For example, when whiplash affects the deep neck stabilizers, other muscles may be recruited to compensate.

If left untreated, injuries from accidents can cause posture issues, muscle spasms, abnormal motor or neurological patterns, headaches, digestion issues, and arthritis. These issues can become habitual and more challenging to address over time.

That’s why it’s vital to get examined and start treatment as soon as possible after an accident.

Personal Injury Care

At Summit Spine and Sport Chiropractic , we also provide care for various personal injuries. Common ones include slip and fall accidents, which can result from wet floors or uneven surfaces, causing bruises, fractures, or sprains. If you experience an on-the-job injury, we can help you recover from your injuries, so you can return to work as quickly as possible.

What to Expect

For your initial appointment, please allow 45 minutes to an hour so we can get a thorough history, take any necessary X-rays (done in-office), do a good orthopedic and neurologic exam, and then provide treatment.

Please bring any medical information or records from the accident. We will need the claim number, name of claim adjuster, and phone number. If you have a lawyer, please bring in their information.

Your doctor will create a customized care plan to help you get out of pain and on the path to recovery. Besides chiropractic, we offer laser therapy, vertical traction and massage therapy. We have two massage therapists in our Idaho Falls office.


A Patient Success Story

One of our patients was riding his bicycle home from school and was hit by a car, which resulted in him having three herniated discs in his lower back. The patient, who is a self-proclaimed thespian, likes to debate, act in school plays and dance. After his accident, he was unable to do any of those things, because he couldn’t stand up for long periods, and his back always hurt.

We got him into the practice over the summer and under care. Because of the care he received, the patient could return to acting and state debate tournaments without any pain.

Dr. Arritt finds it rewarding to help patients like this, going from feeling they’ve lost their passions to still being able to pursue them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office accept major medical insurance?

Yes. And we will bill them directly.

Do you work with auto insurance companies to make these claims?


Can you help kids in auto accidents?

Yes, we can help patients of all ages.

How long does it take to recover from an auto accident?

It depends on the severity, but for a light fender bender, it will probably take two to four weeks. For a moderate to major accident, recovery time ranges from six to 12 and maybe upwards of 20 weeks.

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If you’ve been involved in an auto or PI accident, we want to help you heal and return to what you love in life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


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