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Get Active, Get Out of the House, and Get on Vacation!

person relaxing on beachIt’s a common refrain heard in households and workplaces around the world, “I need a vacation!” And after the last two years, we all have more than our fair share of stress, worry, anger, illness, work frustrations, and more. Now, people are beginning to lift their sights above tomorrow a little and get out to see the world. Getting out to see the world means vacations of all variety!

After all that we have been through, getting out to see the world and all it has to offer sounds inspiring. Vacations are things that can refresh the passion for work and family. If you’re on the fence about taking the time or spending the money to get out, let this be the push you need into taking a much overdue opportunity to escape and relax.

Repeat after me: Vacations are healthy!

We believe there is no better time to convince your family that it’s time to hit the road and reap all the health benefits that planning and taking a vacation can provide.

Health Benefits of a Vacation

A vacation can offer:

  • Better mental health: When you go on a well-planned vacation you get a boost in mental health. By removing yourself from your daily grind, you are resting your brain and experiencing something new. This can actually forge new neural connections and combined with the memories made, provide a revisor of goodness you can pull from to recharge your daily drive upon returning. This break also can help to reduce depression and anxiety.
  • Improved heart health: While preparing and paying for a vacation may cause a few heart stopping moments, taking a vacation lowers stress, which means the body’s stress response is also lessened. This in turn helps relieve pressure on your heart and circulatory system.
  • It makes you happy: Even if a few vacation meltdowns happen, your brain gets a major boost of endorphins and dopamine when you’re making the plans to go on vacation. This means that you can receive the benefits of a vacation for weeks before you ever travel. And assuming that your vacation goes well (as most do), the benefits continue while you’re gone, and after you return!

Improved creativity and productivity – Research has shown that there is a correlated improvement in job performance with vacations. The experiences while gone often expose your brain to new things during travel that inspire new ideas or improve passion for life and therefore work. Sounds like it’s time to tell your boss that you need time off.

Signs That You Should Take a Vacation

Do you feel drained? If you are finding that it is getting harder to refuel your drive and passions, it could be your body telling you that it needs to break from current trends with more than just sleep.

Do you feel grumpy or moody? We get it, by Friday everyone is ready for the weekend. But if you’ve reached the point where even Saturday night feels like a Monday morning, it’s time to give yourself some away time to reduce stress.

Do you find it hard to think? With increased stress and constant responsibilities, sometimes it can become difficult to think and process. While there are many ways to address this, sometimes the most effective way is to take the break a vacation can provide. A vacation could take your mental mountains and reduce them to mere mole hills.

Do you find that you’re too busy? If you find yourself thinking that you have become too busy to take some you time or family time, then doing so should be of even greater priority! Life provides far too many reasons for why you shouldn’t or can’t get away. But buying into this philosophy can eventually take its toll

Remember that Vacations come in all shapes and sizes, and you don’t have to turn it into a big deal. It’s not necessary to plan a huge trip to a foreign destination, but they are awesome. All you have to do is schedule time and go somewhere outside of your daily life. It’s time to consider what you would enjoy doing and schedule it today. Your health and happiness are worth it!

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