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Testimonials: Success Stories of Every Day Athletes and Runners Who Benefited from Sports Chiropractic Care at Summit Spine and Sport Chiropractic

excited lady working outAt Summit Spine and Sport Chiropractic, we believe that every athlete, regardless of their level or sport, can benefit from sports chiropractic care. We have had the privilege of working with numerous athletes and runners who have experienced the life-changing benefits of our specialized treatments.

In this blog post, we would like to share some inspiring testimonials from everyday athletes who have found relief and achieved their goals through our care.

CW, Idaho Falls, ID

“I came into the clinic with severe neck and hip pain, and they were so great at listening to my needs and my goals working with them. Never once have I felt pressure to buy anything or add extra treatments. I am halfway through my treatment plan and feel more relief than I ever felt. As long as I live in the area, this is my chiropractic office.”

Shannon H., Rexburg, Idaho

“I have always gotten great care from the doctors here. They are super friendly, and I always feel like they make the effort to see me as a person rather than just another patient. They take the time needed to make sure you are feeling better when you leave.”

Richard W., Rexburg, Idaho

“I never worried about my back when I was younger, but playing basketball and golf as I have gotten older has been a different story. I have thrown my back out numerous times, and Dr. Arritt has made sure that I can get back on the course. I am grateful to know a good chiropractor that has a total wellness plan.”

Sadie G, Idaho Falls, Idaho

“Highly recommended! Great staff, willing to work with my work schedule, helping me with exercises at home to help strengthen my hip as well!”

Emily A., Rexburg, Idaho

“Best chiropractor hands down. I have been taken care of so well here. I was able to complete my dance degree and dance practically pain-free. I wouldn’t have been able to finish my degree without Dr. Arritt.”

The Power of Sports Chiropractic Care

These testimonials are more than just success stories; they are testaments to the life-changing impact that sports chiropractic care can have on an athlete’s journey. At Summit Spine and Sport Chiropractic, we understand that athletes and runners have unique needs and challenges. Our team is dedicated to helping you overcome pain, enhance performance, and achieve your goals.

Learn about how we can help you by booking an appointment with our team today.


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